Barcelona patio awnings

Lona de toldo
marzo 3, 2019
toldos cofre castelldefels
stores d´extérieur – abri terrasse Castelldefels
marzo 31, 2019
Lona de toldo
marzo 3, 2019
toldos cofre castelldefels
stores d´extérieur – abri terrasse Castelldefels
marzo 31, 2019
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Barcelona patio awnings

Espacios exterior Sitges


Barcelona patio awnings is a Little digital showroom for take ideas.

Vecologic is only a website, but probably one of the most sucessfull pages for imagine outdoor spaces.

Patio awnings


window awning / conservatory awnings

Sun umbrellas

Pergola awning

Garden sails

Barcelona patio awnings offers a complete guide to sun protection systems.




Actually, the market needs to abordate a life style change. More hours for work at home, family meetings,…the climate change, crazy seasons, more sun, more warm, and the garden or terrace must be a full time part of the house, not residual for the summer-

All the big producers of patio awnings knows this new situation, for this reason, Works hard for an integrated concept between inside / outside: aluminium pergo´s, façade awnings, vertical awnings, and closures with sliding glass, and a large range of complementary products.

You can find more information in our blog like pérgolas en Sitges or pérgolas en Castelldefels



If you have an idea, or a space in the garden / terrace, we´ll could visit you with different brochures for concrete one, two or three concepts for work about this.

We take all the mesures of size área, then propose you a variety  of products , type of patio awning for your outdoor área.

A real situation:

FIRST : I visit a client, a high class tennis club near Barcelona. Is very important to know mesures, design lines, colours, possibilities, to listen that they need and wait for our work.

THEN: Office time for research best products, best prices and create an integrated área Project. A great range of providers Will do this work easy, a little part of imagination and ready for send something to the client.

FINALLY: If they need more information, return to the second chapter…but if they wants to decide one of the options you did send , is ok.  Sign the order and begin to work.


In this club, finally, for the restaurant terrace, a big external área, we propose a solution based on mobility sun umbrellas. One of the our providers offers a practical sun umbrela, easy to use, functional, resistance, quality and innovate product made in Belgium.

And, Vecologic made a cube flowerpot, whith wheels and brake.

The final result was perfect!!!

Sombrillas restaurantes

Parasol Prostor Vecologic P6 quattro

patio awnings Barcelona


Barcelona patio awnings waits you.

Call us or send a mail to

Thanks for visit




  1. Tom dice:

    Hola , I have some external blinds that need replacing. The apartment is on the 17th floor. is this something you can do?

    • Hi Tom, thanks for contact us. We need to see the blind system first, there´s a lot of external blinds possiblities, an for this reason, please, if is possible send us a photo and then we send to you the answer.
      I supose this external blins operate by tubular motor.

      You can send me the photo by mail at or by wassap at 616665817

      Have a nice day

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