Castelldefels awnings

Precio de toldos en Castelldefels
enero 14, 2019
Lona de toldo
marzo 3, 2019
Precio de toldos en Castelldefels
enero 14, 2019
Lona de toldo
marzo 3, 2019
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Castelldefels awnings

toldos cofre castelldefels

Castelldefels awnings – vecologic toldos

Castelldefels awnings is a site who offers you all the possibilities in sun shade systems.

Patio pergolas, patio roof, and all the complementary products for your home and garden.


Awnings Products:

  • cassette awnings
  • Sun umbrellas
  • Design awnings
  • Sails
  • textile pergo
  • Aluminium pergo
  • conservatory awnings
  • arm awnings
  • zip vertical awnings for windows
  • terrace closure

Vecologic is a leader company, but really, a long list of international providers like Markilux, Renson, Stobag, Ke outdoor, Somfy, can do this way easy.

Warema Barcelona


Vecologic awnings gallery

This is a Little gallery for understand our passion for sun protection systems.

Castelldefels awnings


A new concept for outdoor spaces is becoming, and Vecologic is the company. Elegant and glamorous pergos, architecture lines, square spaces, innovation volumes…a new life for enjoy the sun, the shade and also the rain.

All weather products.

Castelldefels awnings be sure of the future. A time for the family, home work, bbq, relax spaces, pool moments, breakfast at external terrace, the climate change and we are ready for this.

A meeting point for business, one external room for a new reality, a Little sizable space for living áreas.

Pérgolas estancas


Castelldefels awnings is a vecologic web page for people who wants to do something for a better life iun your home, villa or garden.

We can do a visit, offers you a large range of products, colors, materials and prices, and finally …if you wants, we install your decisión by qualified personal.

5 years warranty

We also speak french, italian, spanish obviously and catalán.

If you need more information about the products, or translate the info in others languages please tell us.

My name:

Eduardo Pallares / vecologic owner / blog writer for this page Castelldefels awnings.




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